Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Registration Packet & Calendar

6/29/2020 - 8/21/2020

Thank you for choosing Red Door Child Care Summer Camp 2020 to help your child form alliances, develop character and enhance team building skills. Your child/children will spend eight weeks of their summer participating in exciting, safe and engaging activities.

Grades: Preschool – School Age

Eight weeks of engaging activities from 6/29 through 8/21

Creative activities in a safe environment which will develop group skills & mutual respect

Exciting field trips throughout Long Island and the Tri-State area

Kid friendly educational activities and experiences

Encourage friendship-building and emphasize group involvement

Sports and Playground activities

Encourage cultural diversity

Location: 535 South Franklin St

Telephone: 516-385-2323

Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Tuition is priced per week and includes all trips and activities, transportation to and from trips and activities. Please note Breakfast, lunch, and snack catered daily.

Please be reminded that monthly tuition will increase $ /month for the months of July and August for RED DOOR PRESCHOOL campers, already enrolled in the program. 6, 7, 8 week packages are also an option. Please select below.

PRE-K ONLY (tuition options)

Non- Refundable Deposit: $100 due June 15, 2020

8 Week Package $2800

7 Week Package $2200

6 Week Package $2000

All campers are required to purchase a summer camp T-shirt ($10) and camp bag and bottle ($20) that must be worn on all trips.

Please use order form to place order for all summer camp gear.

Registration Form


The following constitutes an Agreement between,(hereinafter 'You' or "Your") and Red Door Child Care Summer Camp (hereinafter "We";or "Our") regarding Summer Camp for your child during the summer of 2020.


Summer Camp will run for eight (8) weeks from June 29, 2020 through August 21, 2020. Please check the box for the camp package you are registering your child for:


7 WEEK CAMP PACKAGE (Week NOT Attending:()

6 WEEK CAMP PACKAGE (Week NOT Attending:()

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Your child must arrive no later than 9:00 a.m. each day to insure that they do not miss any trips. All trips are Non- Refundable as they are booked in advance and prices are locked in

I agree to all the terms of this contract set forth herein.


Red Door Summer Camp:



Pickup List

Camper’s Name:

Parent/Guardian Name:

Best Contact for Parent during camp hours 7:00AM – 6:30PM:

List the name of persons (including parents’ names) appointed and given permission to pick up your child. Please use the back of this paper if you need additional space to write.

Name of Person picking up camper
Relationship to Student /Phone Number

All adults must 18 or older and have photo ID.


June 29, 2020 – August 21, 2020

I hereby grant permission to transport my child/children, by van, or when needed a staff member, to and from the childcare center, and any field trips they take.

I understand that transportation is used throughout the course of every day. Times of transport may be subject to change. Transportation is used on a daily basis.

I hereby grant my permission for Red Door Child Care Learning Center, Inc. to transport my child/children if an emergency evacuation should happen to occur, or for any other reason that RedDoor Child Care Learning Center, Inc. feel it is necessary to do so, which will always be in the best interest of my child/children.

I will provide a CAR seat for my 3 year old child(ren).

I will provide a BOOSTER seat for my 4 year old child(ren).

Child or Children’s names





Parent Signature:


Parent Volunteers / Chaperone Enroll Agreement

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We need some superstar volunteers to accompany our students on field trips. When you volunteer to serve as a chaperone on your child’s field trip, you are helping to extend the regular curriculum beyond the classroom and the school. Your role as a chaperone is an important one and requires that you accept certain responsibilities. Chaperones will be assigned to a group of students. It is the responsibility of the chaperone to keep track of their group for the entire duration of the field trip. At no time should students be left unsupervised. Chaperones will be responsible for their own entrance ticket and transportation to the location. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please complete the bottom portion of this letter and return to your child’s teacher by Monday, June 22, 2020.

As a chaperone You will be required to:

  • Complete a chaperone agreement form.
  • Provide a Field Trip Chaperone Information form.
  • Must Have cell phone with you on every trip
  • Understand and comply with the General Guidelines for Field Trip Chaperones.

*Please note that a picture ID will be required to keep on File for all volunteers that act as a chaperone.

Chaperone Intake Form

Yes, I would like to volunteer to be a chaperone.

Full Name of chaperone

Phone Number


Please put a "X" mark next to the dates you would like to be a chaperone.

(Baldwin Bowling) After school only

(At Play Farmingdale) All campers

(American Museum of National History) All Campers

(Bounce U Oceanside) Preschool only

(Adventureland Farmingdale) All Campers

(Splish Splash Riverhead) All campers

(White Post Farm Melville) Preschool only

(Movie Day AMC) After school only

(Laser Bounce) All Campers

(United Skates) After school only

(Bounce Trampoline) All Campers

I agree to the above.

Parent / Guardian Signature


*Please note that a picture ID will be required to keep on File for all volunteers that act as chaperone


PRE-Kindergarten • Kindergarten • School Age

Dear Parents,

To ensure that everyone has a comfortable and fun camp experience we are asking that you please change the clothes in your child’s cubby to summer attire and please make sure that you replenish undergarments as well. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that children should dress in comfortable footwear for outdoor play. Please be advised that flip flops, open toe sandals and strapless shoes are NOT PERMITTED. Girls are required to wear shorts under their dresses or skirts

Listed below are the items that your child will need for summer camp. These items are due no later than Monday, July 29, 2020.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation. We are looking forward to a safe, fun filled summer please stay tuned to upcoming events.*

Warmest Regards,


Summer Camp Supply List

PRE-Kindergarten • Kindergarten • School Age

  • Sunscreen (Topical ointment consent must be signed)
  • Insect repellent (Topical ointment consent must be signed)
  • Water bottle
  • Bathing Suit
  • Water shoes only (no Flip flop)
  • Towel
  • Hat/sun visor (To stay in school)
  • (2) Paper towel rolls
  • (1) Boxes of tissue
  • 2 packs of baby wipes
  • Two /Three summers outfits (To stay in cubby)
  • One blanket and fitted sheet
  • Bookbag (Small)

*Please label every item. Fitted sheet, blanket, towel, and bathing suit.
*Please note children must have water shoes for all water play activities.
*Bathing suits will be sent home after being used.
*Sleep wear will be sent home every Friday to be laundered and
should be return Monday morning

Gear Order Form

(T-shirts: $10 each / Camp bag & Water bottle / $20 set)

All Campers are required to wear Red Door Summer Camp T-shirt for all field trips.

*(1) T-shirts and (1) Camp Bag and bottle are due upon registration* Fee $30 Each additional shirt is $10 each.

Please note that camp shirts are newly designed for summer 2020, and all campers are required to purchase new summer camp gear. All Red Door camp shirts are required for attendance on all field trips. Only Red Door Camp gear will be permitted on trip (book bags and water bottles).


Children: S, M, L Adult: S, M, L and XL

Campers Name Size Quantity

Campers Name Size Quantity

Campers Name Size Quantity

Campers Name Size Quantity

Campers Name Size Quantity

Medication Administration Permission for Over-the-Counter, Topical Medications

Parent/guardian must authorize staff to apply over-the-counter topical ointments (teething ointment or gel, insect repellents, lotions, creams, sunscreen and baby lotion). We can only accept items in their original containers and clearly labeled with the child’s name. We Keep all topical ointments in a locked storage cabinet and all other items out of reach of children when not in use. Items can not be kept in your child’s cubby.

Child's Full Name

Name of topical over-the-counter ointment. (list all)

1.Amount to be applied Expiration date, if applicable

1.Amount to be applied Expiration date, if applicable

1.Amount to be applied Expiration date, if applicable

1.Amount to be applied Expiration date, if applicable

Permission may be given for up to 12 months. Permission valid from / / to / / Where to apply the ointment, repellent, lotion, cream, or powder:

Where to apply the ointment, repellent, lotion, cream, or powder:

all exposed skin diaper area face only other (specify)

When to apply the ointment, repellent, lotion, cream, or powder:

before going outside after each diaper change after a bowel movement other/as needed for(specify)

Describe how to apply the ointment, repellent, lotion, cream (Ex. Spray,Rub)

I give permission to my child care provider to apply the medication listed above as instructed.

Parent/Guardian Signature .


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